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For children ages five to nine, MusicStart® is a patented, progressive learning system that teaches kids to read music and play tunes by balancing fun and development of skills. We have assembled an online music program with a clear, easy to learn curriculum and a simple keyboard designed for learning, called the MusicStart® Keyboard.

Students learn to play familiar tunes in a group setting by color, letter, and note matching while using problem-solving strategies - without sacrificing any important musical knowledge - we are not taking shortcuts to playing and reading music. Prepare your student to take any instrument by giving them a solid musical foundation with this exciting program!



iCook is a fun, hands-on cooking program for children. Our mission is simple: to help teach children to love everything about food - cooking, eating delectable and healthy dishes, and learning about the different cultures and stories behind the food.


Our chefs-in-training will learn how to make delicious and nutritious recipes using fresh and colorful ingredients and will create two recipes every class! We will travel across the globe to learn about the cuisine and traditions of different countries and master how to cook safely while slicing, dicing, chopping, baking, zesting, mixing, and more!

Ask us how to include MusicStart and iCook in your package!



AES All Access Pass 

We are excited to announce that Chess Scholars/Afterschool Enrichment Solutions is now offering an All Access Enrichment Pass - a comprehensive suite of live enrichment classes and supplemental resources online! These fun and engaging courses provide a wonderful mix of digital workbooks and live instruction via video calls with education professionals (conveniently scheduled at a variety of times throughout the day, every day, so that you can choose the time that works best for you). 

Your child can jump into all five subjects areas, or start with just one or two and add courses as you go!  Come see what it's all about!


Everybody Loves

Afterschool Enrichment Solutions

Just wanted to pass along a HUGE THANK YOU for the great work that you are doing bringing these engineering concepts to our kids! How cool! My son, Canaan Baker (Our Shepherd Lutheran) - LOVES what he is learning! Thank you SO much and keep up the good work!

- Bethany B.


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