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AES would love to tailor-make a program that is perfect for your students!  While we typically run our programs after school, we regularly offer before school and lunchtime classes.  We also provide full day and half day camps during school breaks! 

Our most popular option is a 6-12 week session of hour-long classes once a week, on the subject of your choice (see the exciting options below), but we are flexible and can accommodate any schedule that fits your school calendar the best.

AES is committed to providing the best environment possible for students, and maintaining successful and positive relationships with our clients, parents, and communities. AES handles all aspects of a program, including coordination and schedule creation, a complete marketing solution, industry-leading registration and payment for parents, hiring and training of quality instructors, parent communication, handling of concerns, and execution of the programs themselves. This allows school staff to focus on the school day, rather than managing after school programs.

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Chess Scholars

Develop your child's intellect through the royal game of chess! Current research has shown a strong link between chess and academic performance in a variety of areas, including mathematics and language arts. Chess has been proven to enhance children's motivation, concentration, focus, social skills, and creativity. Each class will consist of a fun, interactive teaching period and guided practice time. Both beginner and experienced players are welcome and will learn under the guidance of an experienced Chess Scholars coach.


This exciting new program from Afterschool Enrichment Solutions brings together elements of science, art and math in a hands-on, action-packed environment! Students will conduct experiments, play educational games, and unlock their creativity through building challenges and projects. No experience necessary!



Learn to #code with Afterschool Enrichment Solutions! Both new and returning participants are welcome. This course will immerse students in the world of computer programming. Your child will have the opportunity to design games, explore animation, and combine music and art with coding. Topics covered include event handling, coordinates, conditional statements, user interface design, variables, logic statements, and synchronization. In addition to teaching programming skills, this course will also nurture students’ creativity and problem-solving skills. No previous experience is necessary, just a desire to learn and have gigabytes of fun!

Smart Start Art

"Every child is an artist” - Pablo Picasso. Explore your artistic side with Smart Start Art from Afterschool Enrichment Solutions. Discover your creativity and imagination as an artist, developing fine motor skills, style, and vision as we explore different artistic techniques through a variety of inspiring projects. Sketch and draw, shade and color, cut, glue, fold... create! See your imagination come to life! Learn about great artists from throughout history and the present day, through a weekly featured artist and fun, exciting games.

Happy Circle

Stage Stars

Does your child have a “dramatic side”? You might have a budding Stage Star in your family! Our drama class introduces students to the craft of stage acting. During this exciting class, students will learn theatrical skills, improv basics and participate in interactive drama games. This is an opportunity for students to have fun, express themselves and interact with others within the context of theatre arts.

Amigos Spanish Club

Learning Spanish is as easy as uno, dos, tres! In Amigos, children will dive deep into the traditions and get a taste of the culture of Spanish speaking nations across the globe as well as learn basic vocabulary words such as numbers, colors, shapes, greetings, days of the week and more. Sing, clap, and count your way towards learning the Spanish language.

Teacher and Class

Let's Play It!

Get into the game with the fitness program from Afterschool Enrichment Solutions! We make physical fitness fun through exciting warm-up games, calisthenics, popular team sports and cooperative activities. Learn about the value of exercise, teamwork and good sportsmanship. Gain agility, balance and self-confidence as you work up a sweat! Play your best game with your team and have fun during our Olympics Extravaganza at the end of the session! No experience necessary.


Learn to read music and play tunes! Brought to you by AES and The Music Path Company, this amazing program teaches young students the beginnings of music! Using specialized, proprietary MusicStart keyboards, students learn to play familiar tunes in a group setting by color, letter, and note matching while using problem-solving strategies - without sacrificing any important musical knowledge - we are not taking shortcuts to playing and reading music. Prepare your student to take any instrument by giving them a solid musical foundation with this exciting program!

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