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Escape Rooms

An adventure awaits in our Virtual Escape Rooms!  A live actor will join you in a Zoom call and guide you through the exciting challenge of "escaping a room" virtually. 

Dragon's Breath 

recommended for K-3rd grade

You wake up in the dungeon of a castle, with the door locked and a dragon guarding the path back to town!  Can you figure out how to free yourself and get past the dragon? Use your problem-solving, communication, coding and math skills to solve a series of puzzles and brainteasers before time runs out.

Use course code FBDP,

select Escape Room - Private Event

then submit the date and time form below!



Register your child to escape the room with other Afterschool Enrichment Solutions students!

$20.00 per student - enrollment is limited.

Private Events

Perfect for online gatherings such as birthday parties, Scout meetings, youth groups or any other socially distant celebration.  Affordable, educational entertainment at a flat rate of $210 for up to 15 participants.

Request the date, time and theme of your choice!

Use course code FBDP,

select Escape Room - Private Event

(disregard the incorrect date)

then submit the date and time form below!

Contact Us

Thanks for submitting!

Available themes for Private Events include:

(recommended for 4th-8th grade)

Zombie Attack 

Escape the Abominable Snowman

Area 51

The Beast

The Haunted Manor

(recommended for K-3rd grade)

Pirate's Prisoners

Dragon's Breath

Santa's Missing!

Lost in Space

Secret Agent

The Time Machine

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