Escape Rooms

An adventure awaits in our Virtual Escape Rooms!  A live actor will join you in a Zoom call and guide you through the exciting challenge of "escaping a room" virtually. 

Dragon's Breath 

recommended for K-3rd grade

You wake up in the dungeon of a castle, with the door locked and a dragon guarding the path back to town!  Can you figure out how to free yourself and get past the dragon? Use your problem-solving, communication, coding and math skills to solve a series of puzzles and brainteasers before time runs out.

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select Escape Room - Private Event

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Register your child to escape the room with other Afterschool Enrichment Solutions students!

$20.00 per student - enrollment is limited.

Christmas Gifts

Santa's Missing!
recommended for K-3rd grade
Santa has been kidnapped, and it’s up to you and your fellow elves to find him and help him escape before it’s time to deliver presents on Christmas Eve!  Use your map reading skills, problem solving ability and math smarts to find and free Santa before time runs out!

Thursday, 12/23/21
12:00 pm cst
Use course code FBDW to register


Escape the Abominable Snowman
recommended for 4th-8th grade
An innocent ski trip turns into a disaster when you are trapped by the Abominable Snowman!  Can you escape his frosty lair before he eats you and your friends for dinner? Break out your problem-solving ability, teamwork and decoding skills for this wintery puzzle!

Thursday, 12/23/21
2:00 pm cst
Use course code FBDW to register

Private Events

Perfect for online gatherings such as birthday parties, Scout meetings, youth groups or any other socially distant celebration.  Affordable, educational entertainment at a flat rate of $198 for up to 15 participants.

Request the date, time and theme of your choice!

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select Escape Room - Private Event

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Available themes for Private Events include:

(recommended for 4th-8th grade)

Zombie Attack 

Escape the Abominable Snowman

Area 51

The Beast

The Haunted Manor

(recommended for K-3rd grade)

Pirate's Prisoners

Dragon's Breath

Santa's Missing!

Lost in Space

Secret Agent

The Time Machine